Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spooky Joy

After an unforeseen dry spell, I am happy to say there is fruitful reading and reviewing in my near future. One of my first reviews for Spooky Books for Strange Children was a supernatural mystery by Melissa Strangway called 56 Water Street. Recently, Ms. Strangway provided me with some great motivation to get back to reviewing scary books for younger readers. After stumbling upon my review for 56 Water Street, she contacted me through my personal blog and offered me a free copy of the next book in the Ravine and Derek series, Abigail's Mirror. After a few friendly comments back and forth she e-mailed me and I just sent her my address so she can send me the review copy. All I have to do is review the book and post it here! I must say it is quite satisfying to see people appreciate the mission of Spooky Books for Strange Children and it gives me an incredible sense of purpose to be more diligent in keeping the postings fresh. Stay tuned for some new reviews soon.