Monday, August 3, 2009


---Enter if You Dare...

This is a blog for the strange at heart, children and adults, who share a love of books bizarre, scary, terrifying, odd and, well, spooky! We'll review books for children and young adults in a number of categories, including horror, science fiction and fantasy, and over time hope to develop a list of recommended reading for parents, children and teens. Of course there are a lot of things we'll figure out as we go along, and we welcome your suggestions!

---Why, Dear God Why?!

The idea for this site came as the result of a request from a good friend, who wanted help coming up with a reading list for three kids who share their mother's taste for (and pride in) the strange and unusual. I found it refreshing to see her sharing her passion for the bizarre with them, and realized that it would be great to see a resource for the next generation of horror enthusiasts; the ones not old enough to read hard-core scenes of evisceration but still get a rise from that tingling sensation that crawls up your spine when you enjoy a good scare, and the teens who come into the library, always asking for the latest books about vampires, ghosts and witches.

Essentially, younger versions of myself. Isn't that a terrifying thought?

---Who are You, and What are You Doing in My House?

I am a horror enthusiast and aspiring writer living in Washington, DC. I work in the public library system and am a full time student at the University of Maryland. I've written a number of short stories, two of which appeared in the 2006 edition of the TCC Channelmarker. Also, one of my plays has been performed onstage at the Alt Theater in Buffalo, NY. In my spare time... wait, I don't really have any spare time; nevermind!

---What's Around that Corner?

The future of this blog is a mystery. Over time, I hope to develop a regular posting schedule, and add a few helpers to get things moving. That said, your comments, critiques, arguments and suggestions are more than welcome. Comments will be moderately lightly for content (this is a blog about children's books, after all), but otherwise, please share feedback so I can improve the site in turn.

Thank you for visiting, and reading this, and I hope to see you all again... very soon.....

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